When will I be placed in my course?

When a student is enrolled in a course with FLVS, the student is asked to select their preferred start date. The placement process begins on the preferred start date, assuming all verifications have been received. Students will not be placed before the preferred start date.

Once the student’s preferred start date has arrived, students can expect to be placed in their course within just a few days, although the process can, in rare instances take longer. We recommend checking your student dashboard once per day to monitor your placement status.

Once you have been assigned an instructor, you will see a message saying, "You're in! Click course below to start" on your Student Dashboard (as shown below).

If you have been waiting more than 14 days to be placed in your course, please contact us for assistance by submitting an incident at https://help.flvs.net requesting assistance by selecting Submit Help Ticket or contact the Help Center at 1.800.374.1430.