"Oops! You are not Authorized"

The "Oops! You are not authorized..." message is a result of a system error during the registration process.  At this point, you will need to submit a help incident to resolve the issue.  If you receive this message when trying to complete your registration for courses, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to http://help.flvs.net

2. Select Login to FLVS Help Center (located on the top left).

3. Please log-in using your Help Center account.  If you do not have an account, please select Self Registration Form. Also, if you do not remember your password, please select the Reset Your Password Here to recover your account password.

4. Once you log-in to your account, select Service Catalog.

5. Select I received an Oops! message while registering in the Student Assistance (FLVS Flex or Franchise) catalog.

6. When submitting the incident, please include the following information:

- The name that was entered for the account before the Oops! message occurred.
- The username that was entered for the account before the Oops! message occurred.
- The URL on which the Oops! message occurred.
- The web browser used when the Oops! message occurred.
- The page you were on when the Oops! message occurred (i.e. entering the phone number, entering your home address, going to the next page, etc.).

7. Once this information is entered on the incident, select Submit.

8. A FLVS Help Center representative will contact you shortly to offer the additional assistance.